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The Best of 2015 And What to Expect for 2016

Here are the articles in 2015 that were most popular on the Fiqh of Social Media site:

7. Muslims Online Seeking A Religious Spouse … Or Illicit Hookups? Or Both?

6. Jealousy, Attention, and the Social Media Highlight Reel

5. Hajj Recap Series – Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

4. Dua – The Greatest Casualty of a Socially Networked Life

3. Ramadan Guide to Social Media Fasting – Practical Guide

2. How to Stop Being a Celebrity Shaykh Fanboy or Fangirl and Build Real Relationships Instead

1. What People Don’t Realize About Publicizing Their Sins Online

Alhamdulillah, in 2015 Fiqh of Social Media presentations were hosted at various masjids and conferences including Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and most recently at the Texas Dawah Convention in Houston. To request this program at your Islamic Center or MSA simply click here.

As for 2016…

A lot is in store to take this project to the next level – trying to complete a book, and possibly a parenting course. There will also be a focus on branching out the content to also include themes oriented around productivity, news/media, and family.

But more importantly – what do YOU want to see in 2016? What hasn’t been talked about that you’re looking for an answer to? What issues are you struggling with as they relate to social media and technology?  

Leave a comment with your thoughts. 

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  1. Rin

    First of all, I thank you guys for making this blog. Really useful for everyone that struggling with Internet these days. There are so many lonely people in the internet.
    Here is my request. I want an article about mobile gaming addiction, especially for a newlywed housewife with no children like me. I keep install and reinstall the game I like and don’t know what to do to stop this addiction.
    Alhamdulillah I got the offer to teach a new independent junior high school, so I can avoid this and having new focus. But the question is, how about other sisters who also suffer from this addiction and not having opportunity to socially interact with real people? Because I consider myself an introvert, and meeting people make me really anxious. And I’m dealing my anxiety disorder with drowning my self into Internet. *I’m no longer active in social media but I can’t escape from Internet every single minutes, from link to link, YouTube videos, etc*.

    I apologize for this messy writing because English is not my first language. I’m waiting your new article about it.
    BaarakAllah fiikum.

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