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Muslims Online Seeking a Religious Spouse … or Illicit Hookups? Or Both?

Most people are aware of the difficulties Muslims face in getting married, and the rapid rise of matrimonial websites is no surprise. There are matrimonial sites now catering to all crowds – those previously married, those just looking for another Muslim, all the way to sites like and Over 10 years ago, sites like [current iteration of …


Netflix: Genius Way to Celebrate New Year’s or Haram Deception of Your Kids?

I grew up watching the ball drop in Time’s Square every year. Except, growing up in Texas, we saw it at 11pm every year instead of midnight. This meant getting to enjoy Conan O’Brien do a Central Time Zone countdown on his show, but that’s a different story. Netflix is doing something fascinating this year for parents. They have set …

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So.. Why Fiqh of Social Media?

The manifesto I wish I had written. I recently came across this fantastic short [7 minute] video called: The Dangers of the Internet. A bit ominous sounding but it nicely summarizes a number of thoughts I’ve had on social media, and articulates a lot of the same reasoning I had in starting this project. Way back in high school, I was …

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Review: Zero to Launch from Ramit Sethi

Background Back in March/April of this year (2014), Ramit Sethi launched a new course entitled Zero to Launch. Having taken some of his previous courses (like Earn1k and Success Triggers), I was excited about the opportunity to take a class on how to create your own online business. Creating an online business is something I’ve always wanted to do but …

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How Much Spirituality Do I Get Online, And Is That OK?

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s the internet shrank the world – and Islam was no exception. Before that, your exposure to Islam was through your local masjid and local imam. Occasionally some guest speakers would come through. Every now and then there would be a table set up after Juma with books and cassettes. Many households received Islamic …

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Types of Texters