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What does Islam say about using social media?

Things you need to know every time you take out your phone.
40 Hadith on Social Media copyLife has changed, Islam does not. How do we apply our faith’s teaching on something we use dozens (if not hundreds) of times a day? That’s the question Fiqh of Social Media asks, and that is the crux of this 40 hadith collection. Enter your email below and get access to the ebook, articles, and other special content that has now been delivered to thousands of people.

The age of social networking is unprecedented in human history, but the principles we act by are timeless.

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  • Why who you follow might be more important than what you post
  • Spirituality online
  • How keeping in touch with family and friends on social media can actually be a reason to enter Jannah
  • Prophetic adab (manners) for using your phone when talking to people
  • A hadith that shows why it’s better to be involved in social media than to shun it

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“I am amazed…SubhanAllah…I loved the way you wrote all of it and I am speechless..I never tried to put all these ahadith in the context of social media” -B. Chaudhry


“This collection of ahadith and your reflections were great, mashaAllah.”  – J. Beg